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Is Employee Experience Just a New Hype?

18 August 2022

There is a growing misconception about how employee experience is synonymous with free perks such as a pool table or an arcade machine in the common area. German philosopher Karl Marx maintained that due to the skewed capitalist system, workers would never feel connected to their jobs. He suggested that they should claim control over their own time and break free from capitalists' temporal dominance.

This problem of alienation is far from over, as talents are now actively seeking a sense of satisfaction in their jobs. Employee experience is something that needs to be innate and authentic within a company- an uplifting culture which embraces your values whilst bringing your talents together.

The trend of the Great Resignation has left employers worrying about retaining talents. Talents are actively leaving their current roles in search of better jobs. In the age of workplace upheaval, talent retention is no longer merely about appealing wages and benefits. Employee experience is the key.

One of the examples is Airbnb incorporating the concept of feeling at home anywhere served as the foundation for Airbnb's entire business model, and this philosophy permeates the company's workforce as well because they work as a group. Every employee is treated as a guest and a host, which results in the same level of excellent service being provided to both clients and employees.

Ultimately, a company's success is directly correlated with the level of satisfaction of its employees. The work they accomplish, the conversations they have, and the corporate culture all benefit when employees feel at ease, supported, and empowered.

Bear in mind it is unrealistic to keep everyone jubilant at all times, yet an employee's dissatisfaction with their experience at work should never be the cause of it. If that's the case, it indicates a need to change the environment at work and the employee experience.

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